12 Things We Know About The Next MTG Set, Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths So Far

Author Thumbnail Jake Vyper March 11, 2020 15:11 PM

4Ikoria's Story Will Get an Ebook, Not Just A Summary

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When Theros Beyond Death's official story was released, many fans expressed their disappointment for the set's lack of story. Unlike many of the MTG sets released in recent years, no novels or series of short stories were released for the THB despite the epic trailer featuring Elspeth's conflict with Ashiok in the underworld of Theros. Fans are wondering if this is the new norm, but Rosewater confirmed back in January that Ikoria will have a story, not just a summary. 

WotC Franchise Creative Director, Jeremy Jarvis confirmed that there will be an eBook. 

To many MTG fans, a Magic set's story is an essential part of the card game's experience. The story details add flavor, themes to the cards, fluourishing the imagination of players as they cast their spells and summon creatures, so I'm glad that they're bringing more story in Ikoria, not just a quick summary.

5There Are 5 New Ikoria Commander Decks Will Be Released Along With The Main Set

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Wizards of the Coast already revealed that 5 brand new Commander preconstructed decks will be released along with Ikoria, on April 24. Wizards also revealed the names of the 5 Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Commander decks:  Ruthless, Regiment, Arcane Maelstrom, Symbiotic Swarm, Timeless Wisdom, and Enhanced Evolution. 

WotC hasn't revealed the decklists for these Commander 2020 decks yet, but you can get an idea what each of these decks does based on their names. Symbiotic Swarm is probably a Golgari-colored (green/black) or Abzan (green/black/white) deck that makes a bunch of tokens while Enhanced Evolution is probably Simic (blue/green) that's probably based around the Mutate mechanic that the silver-bordered Unsanctioned set teased. 

6The Ikoria Commander Decks Are Replacing The Planeswalker Decks For Ikoria

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With every new Magic set Wizards of the Coast release, there's usually a set of brand new Planeswlker Decks, pre-constructed decks each featuring an exclusive Planeswalker cards you won't find in the main set that are aimed for newer players, but  back in October 2019, MTG senior designer Gavin Verhey confirmed that the Ikoria Commander decks will be replacing the Planeswalker Decks, and he also revealed that the new Commander decks will be available, at Ikoria Prerelease events at April 17-19, but he did say "in casual play", so don't expect game stores to host DCI-sanctioned Commander prerelease events in that weekend yet. 

We also know that most of the cards in the preconstructed Commander decks are set in the world of Ikoria: "There are a handful of cards from the Ikoria set in these decks in the 'reprint' slots, but the number is fairly small," Verhey said. "Those cards are mostly just there to help make a couple themes work. (Imagine, for example, if Kaladesh had done this: if we had an energy Commander deck, you would definitely want a couple energy cards from the main set also in your deck.)"

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