Top 13 Reasons Why Some Star Wars Fans Hate The Last Jedi

Author Thumbnail Jake Vyper December 18, 2017 08:38 AM

9Leia’s ‘Mary Poppins’ Moment

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Right after the First Order attacked the Resistance ship where Leia was, Leia is seen floating in space but since she’s a Skywalker, she’s able to unconsciously move through space Mary Poppins-style to save herself. This is one of the most surprising scenes in the film, and I actually thought it was cool but some fans have expressed how much they hate that scene online. Some argue that there’s no way Leia could have used to Force since it takes mental concentration to use it but she was unconscious at that time. And some hate that scene because it just looked ridiculous. Nonetheless, Leia’s role is still more interesting in The Last Jedi compared to her role in The Force Awakens, but many would agree that the film failed to give the Skywalker siblings a proper sendoff.

8The First Order's Remaining Leaders Are Weak Threats

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Now that Supreme Leader Snoke is dead, it’s up to Kylo Ren and General Hux to lead the First Order to wipe out the Resistance and the Jedi. Sure, the First Order may be winning in the ongoing war against the Resistance but it looks like Kylo Ren and General Hux are too easy to take down. Since The Last Jedi will lead up to the final film of the trilogy with Episode IX, it feels like the stakes are not as high and the antagonists are not problematic enough. Compare that to Darth Vader’s presence by the end of Empire Strikes Back. Yep, Kylo Ren and Hux are tiny threats compared to him. They don't even get along, so they're probably going to turn on each other in the sequel. It’s just hard to picture how these villains will emerge victorious in Episode IX. The Last Jedi feels more like a finale than a middle act, and that's not good for the saga. J.J. Abrams will have an epic challenge to make Episode IX win back the hearts of fans. 

7Why Didn’t the First Order Fleet Destroy the Resistance Ships Right Away?

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In The Last Jedi, General Hux and his Star Destroyers have to chase General Leia and the escape Resistance fleet. This is considered to be the slowest chase scene in a Star Wars film ever, as the First Order just wait for the Resistance to run out of gas while firing at them every once in a while. The First Order has massive battle cruisers with laser cannons and other secret weaponry, and yet they only ping the Resistance one laser blast at a time. 

6Slapstick Comedy

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A common complaint among those who disliked The Last Jedi was its slapstick humor and starting the film off with an atypical joke. Seeing Luke toss away the lightsaber after Rey hands it to him seemed like a bad joke that just didn’t fit his character.

Kyle Smith of The National Review summed it up best in his review: “Why is Luke, previously the most earnest guy in the galaxy, letting loose with acerbic wisecracks? When Rey hands Luke her precious lightsaber, he tosses it over his shoulder like an empty can of Dr. Pepper. He mocks it as a 'laser sword,' while Rey, asked to explain the Force, calls it a 'power . . . that makes things float.' The tone here is similar to that of the self-aware jocularity of the progressively less successful 2009–2016 Star Trek series, whose concept is apparently being ditched in favor of an R-rated reboot overseen by Quentin Tarantino. You can go with self-mockery if you want, but it amounts to burning your seed corn to warm your hands. Get a cheap laugh poking fun at the mythology and its power won’t be there when you need it."

What about Domhnall Gleeson's punching bag Hux? While some see its comedy as consistent with the franchise's legacy of wise-cracks, some thought the jokes were too contemporary and forced. Director Rian Johnson saw this criticism coming. Speaking to Vanity Fair during the film's L.A. premiere, he said: 

"I knew [the movie] was going to get darker in some spots just because of what we had to do. It was really important to me, to, at the very outset, make a bold statement of, we’re going to have fun here also. Relax, you can laugh with it also, this isn’t just going to be a dirge. . . . That was the one thing I was most nervous about. . .You can never know until you put it in front of a big crowd of strangers is if the jokes play or not. So I was very relieved when we got the laughs. Oh, that very first scene. That was really the one that was just, I was holding my girlfriend’s hand very tightly when that came up. Then I relaxed when the audience got it and started rolling with it. It’s so important to me because that sets the tone and the expectation that, oh, O.K. there are going to be laughs in this movie."

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