Top 10 Animated Series of 2015

Author Thumbnail Caitlin Donovan December 30, 2015 21:52 PM

1Miraculous Ladybug

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After a huge delay, the magical girl show created with the combined power of French and Korean studios is finally out to the public. This show follows the adventures of Marinette, a ladybug themed superhero and her fellow hero Chat Noir as they fight to protect Paris from a mysterious villain who keeps turning people evil.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir is an extremely cute series that combines superhero action with lowkey romantic comedy. This show glories in some old clichés on the genre- including the secret identity love triangle (Marinette is in love with Adrien who is Chat Noir who is in love with Ladybug who has no feelings for Char Noir). The characters are so charming that the tropey aspects of the show are merely a lot of fun, rather than irritating.

The fights are often very creative and the CGI animation is good. Marinette is an adorable lead who is genuinely awkward as a civilian, but confident as a superhero, which makes for an interesting contrast. The first season of the show hasn’t ended yet, but it’s already an entertaining watch, so I hope there will be a next one.

Miraculous Ladybug is showing on Nickelodean.

2Steven Universe ups the ante

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This is the year the tale of a magical boy and his battle-hardened alien moms truly came into its own. The fun started with the episode “Alone Together”, an expertly woven little tale that touched on themes of growing up, relationships and social anxiety. Then came the steady and carefully done build up to one of nifitiest space battles in all of cartoondom, where the Gems clashed with despotic denizens of their home planet. Viewers got to see what Garnet was really made of and she showed her stuff in an amazing musical fight. The song “Stronger Than You” was a big hit, if the ten million remixes of it on Youtube are any indication. This season finale also introduced a very cool relationship that shows children’s media is finally moving forward a little in acknowledging queer couples.

Steven’s second season also bought us some stunning examination of grief and abandonment, the deepening of all the show’s relationships, some great mother-daughter narratives and killer character development. The little starboy is really growing up and I can’t wait to see where the show goes next.

Steven Universe is showing on Cartoon Network.

3Yona of the Dawn

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This tale of a banished princess fighting to survive and save her kingdom after losing everything really struck a chord with me. This show takes you on the amazing journey of watching a sheltered, fragile and somewhat selfish noble girl claw herself out of adversity and become a determined, scrappy hero who fights to protect everyone.

Yona of the Dawn blends mythology, comedy, tragedy, romance and action to create a memorable story. It touches on themes of betrayal, abuse, social inequality, war and reincarnation. It has a great ensemble cast who interact in both comical and adorable ways, quickly turning into a tight knit family. Also, dragons. You gotta love dragons. And pirates!

(Some warnings for the series: sexual harassment, sexist comments pop up in the second half (and are sometimes refuted) and there’s a (tastefully done and not graphic) storyline about sexual slavery.)

Yona of the Dawn can be found at Crunchyroll and Funimation.

4Gravity Falls ramps up to its finale

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The supernatural mystery series about the Pines Twins dealing with the strange phenomena while they stay with their uncle over the summer really kicked it up a notch this year. Viewers finally found out who the mysterious author of the journals is and the answer really fleshed out the characters while bringing a whole boatload of brand new conflict to the series. Then we got the beginning of the series finale, a “Weirdocolypse” that showed the word of the show being transformed in surprising and disturbing ways. It’s a true end of the world scenario- but it also touches on themes like growing up, the bond between siblings and the difficulty of letting go.

Gravity Falls has been a show full of twists and turns with loveable characters, neat riddles to solve, spooky scares and real heart. I’ll be sad to see it go this year, but all good things must come to an end.

Gravity Falls is showing on the Disney channel.

5Snow White with the Red Hair

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This sweet story is part slice-of-life and part romance. It’s a tale VERY loosely based on Snow White, about a girl named Shirayuki who works as a herbalist. When she’s told she has to become the prince’s concubine, Shirayuki leaves town instead. She runs into another prince during her travels and they become fast friends. Both of them work to make the country they live in a better place.

This is the kind of show that show fantasy-like romances aimed at girls can be done right. Shirayuki is a great lead, tough and competent with incredible resolve. Even though she’s not a fighter, she can take care of herself. Her love interest, the prince, is extremely respectful and sweet to her and also clearly admires her greatly.

The show is a bit slow-paced, mostly dealing with the day to day politics of the fictional kingdom and the way the characters navigate all the problems and challenges that pop up. There is a bit of action too and lots of perilous situations, but the show is really about the relationships. So if you ever want to get a calming dosage of cute with a little swordplay on the side, I recommend this series. I’m looking forward to the next season coming in the spring!

Snow White with the Red Hair can be found at Funimation.

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