The Top 20 Holiday Gifts for Marvel Fans

Author Thumbnail Caitlin Donovan December 18, 2016 20:56 PM

3Avengers Monopoly

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It's the classic board game with a superheroic twist. It’s actually a game that feels a little better than the classic version, since you’re doing good rather than being a Wall Street shark. Instead of buying up locations, you’re “saving” them. Instead of collecting cash, you collect power-ups for your heroes and you deal with SHIELD cards and villain cards rather than chance and chest cards. When all the locations are saved, the person with the most heroic power wins. So if you feel like spreading justice instead of capitalism, this is the perfect Monopoly for you.

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4Captain America's Shield Cutting Board

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This is the perfect gift for a friend that loves cooking in addition to Marvel superheroes.  Just like Cap’s real shield, this cutting board is nearly indestructible, being resistant to heat up to 360 degree and to stains as well. With a clean glass surface and non-slip rubber base, it’s perfect for cutting food on and can also be used to protect your counter from heat and water damage. 

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