Top 11 6-Drop Magic: The Gathering Creatures From The Last 10 Years

Author Thumbnail Nick Price April 27, 2020 16:07 PM

8Sun Titan

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Newer Magic players may not recall all five members of the Titan cycle, first released in Magic Core Set 2011, but each of them topped the curve of tier 1 decks at the start of the decade. They jostled for position at the top of the 6 drop heap, battling each other for supremacy. They were like the Cavaliers from Magic 2020, but way better.

"Sun Titan" is Mono-White’s lone representative on this list, and for good reason. I wrote above that competitive decks tend to feature low curves and cheap creatures, and that is most true for White decks. 

The White Titan is notable, though, for its role in the powerful Esper Solar Flare deck that tore Standard up after "Liliana of the Veil" and "Phantasmal Image" were released. 

That deck spent early turns filling the Graveyard and killing creatures, before reanimating a Sun Titan and putting into play as many "Phantasmal Images" copying the Titans as it could. The deck was a blast to play and actually functioned similarly to the Gyruda decks of today. 

"Sun Titan" was an uncharacteristically powerful late game card for White, and it will likely be a long time before a better 6 drop in the Weenie color is printed.


7Dinrova Horror

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This 4/4 Horror wouldn’t be slithering anywhere near this list if this Uncommon from Gatecrash hadn’t been reprinted as a Common in Modern Masters 2017 Edition

Since being unleashed into the Pauper format, "Dinrova Horror" has been one of the premier finishers in Tron and multicolor value decks. It’s particularly devastating when combined with flicker effects, of which Pauper has many.

It’s not a bad legacy for a 6 drop that was barely good enough for the blisteringly fast Gatecrash Draft format!


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Just as a list of Magic’s best one-drops would include a lot of aggressive creatures, this list is packed with Blue or Dimir finishers. That’s because Blue decks in Constructed formats usually play control effectively, so the color’s best creatures are often resilient finishers that end the game soon after the pilot takes control.

One of the exemplars of the impossible-to-kill Blue 6 drop is "Aetherling". This Rare featured heavily in Standard once Dragon’s Maze was released. If you managed to get to the late game and had a ton of lands in play, "Aetherling" would come down, get in for ridiculous amounts of unblockable damage, and blink itself out of harm’s way or into a block.

The card was so hard to deal with that pros started packing Debtor’s Pulpit in their sideboards, an otherwise abysmal and expensive Enchant Land that actually dealt with Aetherling effectively.

A card warping the format around it so much that you need a garbage Limited Uncommon to handle it is a textbook example of why 6 drops can be so powerful.


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