Top 11 Theros Beyond Death Magic: The Gathering Cards For Standard

Author Thumbnail Nick Price March 02, 2020 11:16 AM

8Omen of the Sea

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It’s difficult to underestimate how much power Omen of the Sea has brought to Blue decks with the release of THB. Experienced players may remember how important the one-mana sorcery Preordain was to Standard and how it got banned in Modern, and Omen is cut from the same cloth.

For just one more mana than Opt, Omen offers a potent one-two punch of card filter when you cast it and additional value later in the game. It’s an excellent play on turn two when you have nothing better to do with your mana, and if you’re desperate to find a card and have five mana to spare, the Omen gives you a whopping five looks at the top of your deck.

This flashy enchantment has quickly found a home in all sorts of blue decks, including Temur Reclamation and Jeskai Fires. It’s most versatile, however, in Azorius Control, where its enchantment card type combos with Teferi, Time Raveler and Archon of Sun’s Grace.



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Shadowspear may not be one of the most played cards in Standard, but it still deserves a spot on the list for its versatile suite of abilities and because any deck can play it. 

One month into its existence in the format, it’s probably most notable for giving Gruul decks the ability to gain huge amounts of life, something that color pair rarely has access to. The Legendary Equipment also gives trample, and Gruul makes the most of that by pairing it with Questing Beast. If you’ve ever assembled an impressive board of creatures but have been on the wrong side of a Spear-wielding three-headed Beast, then you’ll know how frightening the thought is.

Aside from striking fear into the heart of Planeswalker lovers and control players, Elspeth’s weapon has even more text on it. It may not come up that often, but the first time your aggro deck gets to kill a Dream Trawler with Shadowspear’s last ability, you’ll be thanking Heliod.

6Storm’s Wrath

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When I wrote that THB has given decks access to tools that have been absent in Standard for a while, I definitely had Storm’s Wrath in Mind. 

For what feels like eons, control-oriented Red mages have had to make do with small-ball sweeper effects like Flame Sweep and Fiery Cannonade to clear out pesky creatures and prolong the game. 

Now, thanks to this efficient sorcery, decks like Temur Reclamation have a better chance of holding out against aggro decks and eventually blowing the opponent’s head up with an Explosion for 20. The fact that this Wrath also hits Planeswalkers means that it will be the go-to Red board clear effect for as long as it’s legal in Standard.

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