9 Movie Productions that Seemed Straight Up Cursed

Author Thumbnail Caitlin Donovan October 04, 2016 21:12 PM

7'The Crow' Curse

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The movie about a vengeful undead rock musician had fatal consequences. Actor Brandon Lee was killed by a real bullet that somehow got put in a prop gun. He supposedly had premonitions that he would die soon shortly beforehand. There were also a ridiculous amount of other on-set injuries,including a truck spontaneously combusting, a carpenter getting burned and a crew member stabbing through their hand with a screwdriver.

8'The Passion of the Christ' Curse

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Maybe God wasn’t completely down for Mel Gibson’s movie about his son. The titular Christ's actor, Jim Caviezel, was struck by lightning during a shoot. Jon Mikalini, an assistant, came to ask if Jim was okay, then was promptly hit by lightning himself. Apparently this was his second time getting hit during the film. Caviezel also suffered a lot of injuries and illnesses, but that was definitely due to his supervisors not keeping things safe during filming and pushing him to do way too much. The poor guy’s career pretty much crashed and burned afterwards too.

9'The Conjuring' Curse

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The Conjuring tells the supposedly “true story” about a 1971 haunting investigated by a ghost-hunting couple. And the cast and crew of the movie claim supernatural incidents happened while filming the movie. This included mysterious phone calls, dogs growling at nothing and the lead actress getting claw marks on her leg and not knowing where they came from. Her laptop also suffered the same claw-marked fate. I guess the ghost was a technophobe. 

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