5 Star Wars Characters That Deserve Their Own Disney+ Series

Author Thumbnail Bayani Miguel Acebedo April 17, 2020 12:25 PM

1Ahsoka Tano

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Let’s get the most obvious character out of the way first. Ahsoka is probably one of the most celebrated characters in Star Wars, but she’s found herself sidelined to the likes of Anakin Skywalker and Ezra Bridger in Clone Wars and Rebels. Ahsoka needs to star in her own series, and Lucasfilm should add in a special appearance by Temuera Morrison as grizzled old Captain Rex.

The good news is, there are already rumors going around that Ahsoka is going to make her live-action debut in The Mandalorian Season 2, and this is said to be a sort of jumping point for the character to star in her own show as well as a cameo in several others. Then again, we don’t have any official confirmation yet, but an Ahsoka series is something that fans would definitely want to see.

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