5 Anime with LGBT Characters

Author Thumbnail Marla Anonuevo June 14, 2021 16:09 PM

1One Piece

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This ongoing shōnen series tells the story of Monkey D. Luffy, whose dream is to be the King of the Pirates. Along with his crew, they set sail on numerous adventures that eventually lead them to fulfill their dreams. 

One Piece has a list of incredibly diverse characters. While some instances with the okama are problematic, many characters in this series are simply iconic.

Bon Clay’s ballerina swan outfit is an eye-catcher. Initially an enemy in the Alabasta arc, he and Luffy quickly became friends. This eventually led to him being one of the MVPs during Impel Down, helping Luffy escape alive. Definitely a great enemy-turned-ally character they can rely on.  

Emporio Ivankov is usually seen as a large man with heavy makeup, alongside a revealing outfit, fishnet stockings, and a crown. However, due to his Devil Fruit, he can inject hormones into himself to turn into a woman. Ivankov’s character is a firm believer in letting people be whatever they want to be, no matter the gender. There was even a whole performance about it.

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