20 Amazing Female Hero Teams

Author Thumbnail Caitlin Donovan March 17, 2016 19:21 PM

9Batwoman and the Question

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Kate Kane and Renee Montoya from DC Comics are women who are there for each other despite a difficult history. They started out as passionate lovers, but eventually had a hard breakup. Despite this, when they both became heroes, they were there to help each other. This is a great example of a female relationship because it shows even women who are exes can still care for each other and be friends. 

10The Crystal Gems

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Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst and the departed Rose Quartz from Steven Universe are actually non-binary, but considering they call themselves women on the show, I don’t think they’d object to being included on this list. The Gems have been saving humanity together for a thousand years and they form a sort of family, even raising and mentoring Steven together.

Their relationship can get, ahem, rocky- Pearl and Amethyst bicker constantly for example, not to mention the arc where Pearl and Garnet dealt with a breach of trust- but they always manage to save the day- and each other! Ruby and Sapphire’s romance is also completely adorable and very groundbreaking in terms of queer romance in children’s television. 

11Wonder Woman's Crew

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Wonder Woman is the champion of women, so it’s only natural she’d have a lot of strong relationships with the women around her. She has a gallivanting friendship with Etta Candy, a confident and playful women who is only too glad to help her kick butt. She also has her official sidekicks in Donna Troy and Cassandra Sandsmark. She has a sisterly relationship with Donna and went so far as to tell her even her most fabled weapon, the lasso of truth, was not worth one hair on Donna’s head. Meanwhile, Cassie idolized Wonder Woman and became a hero because of her. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg- Wondy also has many Amazon allies, including her rival-turned-friend Artemis and a blacksmith who has a little crush on her, Io. 

12Korra and Asami

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Korra and Asami from The Legend of Korra were originally rivals in a really cliché love triangle- both of them at odds over the affection of a boy named Mako. I wasn’t only the only viewer who bemoaned this tired trope. I wished these two smart, powerful women would just date each other instead of going after a boy who flip-flopped between them. And to my intense shock, my wish came true. The tired dynamic between Korra and Asami turned to a sincere friendship after they ditched Mako’s cheating heart. They became an unbeatable team.

Then the finale of the show and the creators themselves confirmed this relationship had turned romantic. Two girls went from bickering over a boy to being in a sweet, supportive romance with each other. This amazing transformation was unprecedented in Western children’s cartoons and left many fans sobbing with joy.

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