17 Awesome Anime Memes

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9“ Foolish” and other Naruto memes

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This out of context screencap is funny whether you’ve watched Naruto or not:

So much that it’s inspired several redraws:

Link redraw from here.

Another common Naruto meme you see is a redraw of the scene where Sasuke begs his brother Itachi to tell them why he slaughtered their family, My personal favorite is this one:

Rugrats redraw from here.

The Frozen one is pretty good too.

Yet another popular Naruto meme is “the Naruto run”, describing the ninja’s weird tendency to run with his hands at his back. There’s tons of videos of people attempting the run, not to mention animation cycles.

There’s even a wikihow entry on how to do it.

10Getting Ahead of Yourself

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The character Mami from Puella Magi Madoka Magica famously had her head bitten off in the third episode of the series. Fandom reacted to such a disturbing event the best way they knew how- by making tons of jokes about it.

From here.

This meme got so huge that even the creators were in on it. When the 2011 Madoka movie came out, the creators released custom Mami tickets where she had a tearaway head.

Mami’s death was even made into a VERB by the Japanese fandom, “Mamiru” became a word that either described “getting decapitated like Mami” or “dying a horrible death.” This word became so popular that it was even included in a Japanese dictionary for modern terminology in 2012.

11Running Titan

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Attack on Titan is an extremely gory anime about giant titans devouring people, but some of those titans are unintentionally (I think) hilarious looking. Particularly the ones that run in a very funny way.

From here.

For extra fun, here’s a combination of the Naruto run meme with the running titan one!

From here.


12Science Goes Too Far

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Look no further than all the jokes made about Nina Tucker for proof that the Fullmetal Alchemist fandom needs to burn in hell. The tragedy of Nina Tucker is among the most affecting in anime. Here’s the basic story: Nina’s dad was working on creating chimeras (combining two creatures into one with alchemy). Eventually, he decided to use his adorable four year old daughter, Nina, and her dog as test subject. They ended up being turned in a sad, lurching creature in constant pain who said “da-ddy”. The protagonist was tipped off to the fact this creature was the little girl he knew when she called him “big brother”. There was no way to fix Nina, much to despair of the main characters, and she was later killed.

Almost everyone was horrified by this moment, and many cried. But fandom deals with its pain through laughter, which is why you’ll find jokes about Nina and her horrible father everywhere.

From here.

Another common trend in Fullmetal Alchemist fandom is making fun of how the protagonist lost two of his limbs in an (unsuccessful) effort to bring his mother back to life and (successful) effort to bind his brother’s soul to a suit of armor.

13Get in the ding-dong robot, Shinji

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Shinji Ikari, the protagonist of Neon Genesis Evangelion, was famously reluctant to pilot his giant robot. His dad, Gendo, is famously a huge asshole. These two concepts combined when fans decided to write Gendo as saying “get in the fucking robot, Shinji”. There have been t-shirts, and there was even a video with the episode title “Neon Genesis Episode 12: “She said, I know your dad’s a dick but get in the fucking robot”.

Ironically, in the most recent Evangelion movie, Shinji actually really desperately wanted to pilot his robot, but nobody would let him. Kid just can’t win.


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Since Neon Genesis Evangelion is such a grim show, its fandom takes it’s laughs wherever they can find them. That may be why there’s so many memes.

The animators ran out of budget in the last episodes of the famous show, so viewers got to enjoy watching the characters basically sit around and try to work out their numerous mental issues in a weird surrealist way. When Shinji finally came to the conclusion that he wanted to live, he suddenly found himself surrounded by the other characters, who clapped in unison and endlessly told him “congratulations” one by one.

The anime ended with CONGRATULATIONS being written in big text, presumably to show admiration that the viewer sat through such a weird thing. This sort of bizarre ending became known as a “Gainax ending”, after the studio that made Eva. You can see it here.

Of course, the moment was very easy to parody, and people began putting “congratulations” on everything. It has an entry in the urban dictionary and everything.

From here.

The meme has transcended fandom as well. Recently, Steven Universe seems to have parodied the famous scene. You can see it here.

15Nice Boat

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The final episode of anime School Days included a scene of axe murder. The day before the episode was supposed to air, a real axe murder happened in Kyoto. So the episode was pulled that day and replacing it instead was….20 minutes of peaceful, live action scenery while string music played in the background. Someone online happened to comment “nice boat” about a ferry shown in the footage, and a meme was born. Tribute videos were made to the boat and it became a pastime for anime fans to rickroll each other with the boat footage. You can see it here.

Screencap from Magical Heart Kokoro-chan.

The meme got so big that the creator of School Days ended up referencing it, naming their convention booth “Nice Boat”. An anime called Magical Heart Kokoro-chan referenced the meme in an episode by labeling a life raft floating in a river of blood "nice boat". A creator also posted footage of a sailboat on his twitter when his anime Haruhi-chan failed to air on time.

Screencap from School Days

The most ironic thing of all would be the fact the actual final episode ended up concluding with one of the characters on a nice boat, though she was holding the severed head of another character at the time.

16I’ll take a potato chip…AND EAT IT!

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Death Note is an anime that often took itself too seriously with hilarious results, and the potato chip scene is the ultimate example of this. While doing evil junk, the protagonist Light Yagami made an attempt to appear normal to the people surveiling him, maniacally inner monologuing the whole time about how those FOOLS have no IDEA what he’s really doing.

This culminated when he, backed by dramatic music, declared he’d take a potato chip and EAT IT before doing exactly that in sparkly slow motion. You can see it here.

As you can imagine, the overwrought moment was very popular, inspiring a lot of youtube poops. parodies and images.

From here.

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