11 Steampunk Short Films That Will Rock Your World

Author Thumbnail Jake Vyper March 06, 2015 01:00 AM

2Airlords of Aria

Airlord Karak, admiral of a fleet of airships, discovered a powerful ancient weapon on an expedition. After he conquered the Wodnik 7 naval base, he plots to seize power of the Airia Republic and drag the entire continent into war. Lura the chief of police joins forces with a gang of smugglers in order to thwart the power-hungry admiral's plans.

This film is a bit odd to watch for one reason - it was originally made in German, and the English speech has been subbed over the original acting. But once you can get past the mismatched visuals and audio for speech, this video is really quite impressive - and the graphics are among the best of the lot.

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