11 Marvel Characters Who Can Beat Superman

Author Thumbnail Elazje Carillo December 10, 2020 15:44 PM


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With the Infinity Gauntlet, the fight may have been over before it even begins. If Thanos has no Infinity Gauntlet, he can still be a serious challenger for Superman. When it comes to raw power, Thanos has fought with the Hulk and many Avengers wherein he can hold himself up.

Thanos is also a brilliant fighter and a tactical strategist. He is also cunning with him allowing his opponent to put down his guard by giving a false sense of victory before striking back. This Titan character is ruthless and can distract Superman before striking his fatal blow. Whether he has the Gauntlet or doesn’t, he is a cosmic being that can defeat Superman.


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This is probably an unexpected choice to say that he can somehow defeat the Kryptonian powerhouse. Before anything else, it is important to understand Ant-man’s powers and how he can use them to defeat Superman. He uses a gaseous form of the “Pym particles’ which is kept in his belt’s compartment. Ant-Man has the power to shrink himself at first. Over time, he has acquired the power to change his size. He can grow so big the same way he can become small.

However, it is not his big size that will defeat Superman. It is his ant size that may be able to take Superman down. Ant-man can shrink his size and enter Superman’s head. Ant-man can be strategic by using a distraction, get into Superman’s head, and bring in a kryptonite weapon to weaken Superman. He can even have a kryptonite bomb which can rip apart Superman from the inside.

7Scarlet Witch

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Wanda Maximoff is a Marvel character that cannot be easily trifled with. Scarlet Witch is the strongest mutant in the Marvel universe aside from her ability to use chaos magic. Scarlet Witch has the ability of chaos magic reality-warping which is her main power. She can warp reality and existence, as well as bring destruction to the cosmos.

As previously mentioned, magic is one of Superman’s weaknesses and Scarlet Witch is oozing with a very powerful magical ability. She can even warp reality at a planetary level. She also has hex bolts. With hex bolts, Wanda can manipulate energy fields to varying degrees. With this in mind, Wanda can make use of her hex bolts and chaos magic to defeat Superman.

8Doctor Doom

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Victor Von Doom is the gypsy boy who became a genius inventor, dark sorcerer, and monarch. Superman can overpower Doom physically and he c do it fast. Doom’s armor is no match to Superman’s strength. However, it has to be noted that Doom has a variety of skills that can defeat the Kryptonian.

Doctor Doom can use his scientific skills to replicate or locate kryptonite. As mentioned, he is a genius inventor. He can use his intelligence to build an energy weapon that can make use of kryptonite-based energy beams. Aside from his intelligence, he can use magic to defeat Superman. Combining both science and magic in his arsenal, Doctor Doom can stand a chance in defeating Superman.

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