10 Spooky Anime Perfect for Halloween

Author Thumbnail Caitlin Donovan October 12, 2016 17:26 PM

3Tokyo Ghoul

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If you’re a zombie fan, Tokyo Ghoul will appeal to you. It’s not quite a zombie anime, but the creatures depicted in the series are very similar. Tokyo Ghoul takes place in a world where supernatural beings called ghouls live secretly among humans. These beings are stronger and faster than humans and they need to eat human flesh to survive. When a young man named Ken Kaneki is attacked by a ghoul, he receives surgery that makes him a “half-ghoul” so he can survive. The series focuses on him trying to deal with this state of affairs.

This anime has plenty of blood, cannibalism, body horror and scares to go around. It has two seasons that are 12 episodes each. 

4Hell Girl

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Hell Girl features a lot of different types of horror: the horror of mortality, the horrors that humans inflict on each other and horror bought on by supernatural beings. The premise of that series is if a person truly wishes to enact revenge on another, there’s a website they can visit that only shows up at midnight. Through this “Hell Correspondence”, you can type in the name of the person you hate and they will be sent to Hell immediately. But there’s a price- anyone who does this will also go to Hell after they die.

The person who carries out the revenge for her clients is the titular Hell Girl, Ai Enma. She looks like an ordinary young girl, but she’s been around for a very long time. She will torment her targets with frightening visions before ferrying them off to hell in a ritualistic fashion.

The series mostly features mostly self-contained episodes focusing on the plight of whoever has contacted Hell Girl this time, but there’s also an ongoing story arc dealing with a reporter and his daughter investigating the strange happenings bought on by Ai and trying to discover exactly who-or what- she is.

A lot of Hell Girl focuses on the cruelty people do to each other and what drives people to revenge, whether it’s worth it in the end and so on. Some of the people Hell Girl is hired to take care of truly deserve their fate, but others actually don’t. While it’s often a bit subdued, there’s both psychological and supernatural horror to be had here. Hell Girl spans three seasons that are 26 episodes each.

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