Top 5 Best Magic: The Gathering Rap Music Videos Every Planeswalker Should Watch

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
February 26, 2020  02:56 PM


Over the years, Magic: The Gathering, the popular trading card game from Wizards of the Coast, has inspired various content creators and even an MTG Hall of Famer to write rap songs about the best game in the world, and create music videos featuring the cards or the characters featured in Magic's lore.

I've ranked five of the best Magic: The Gathering rap music videos you can watch now, and highligthed the best part of their songs, so check them out: 

5Tapped Out - MTG Rap - by RUSTAGE and Shwabadi

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YouTuber Rustage is best known for his rap music videos inspired by Japanese anime and other geek topics like this Tapped Out - Magic: The Gathering Rap song he did with Shwabadi. This rap video may have a homemade budget but you can see the hard passion these guys have for the game as you watch them play Magic while spitting a bunch of MTG references in a powerful way. Watch the video: 


Hottest part: 

"Think you're winning? That's a misinterpretation

I'll stop your grin with ability activation

So many creatures, I could form a new nation

Building up my army in the hour of devastation"


4Magic (MTG): The Rap by GoRemy

YouTuber GoRemy is the oldest Magic: The Gathering rap song in this list, and I thought it's a great mix of comedy, old school MTG references like "Savannah" and "Lightning Bolt, and weirdly surprising and hilarious metaphors and jokes that mention Jerry Dandusky and Oksana Bayoul (Google them). There's also a nice reference to Alex Bertoncini's alleged cheat at the Star City Games Kansas City with the If you love old school Magic and clever metaphors, this is a must-watch rap video for you. 

Watch the video here: 

Hottest bars:

Draw seven cards and I look at my hand

I'm like a Palestinian I ain't got no land!

Looking to buy? Well, guy, I be your man

I'm your one stop shop when it comes to contraband

Collectable foils best check on your eyelids

So many $10 cards you'd think that this was Papyrus

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