Top 13 Reasons Why Some Star Wars Fans Hate The Last Jedi

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
December 18, 2017  08:38 AM

While reviews have been mostly positive for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, there's been a huge backlash online, many fans expressing how disappointed they are about the film. 

In Rotten Tomatoes, you can see the great divide between fans and critics. While The Last Jedi's critics score is at 93%,  the audience's score sits at 56%, the lowest among the Star Wars live-action films, and lower than Justice League's audience score. 

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If you're wondering why some fans dislike Lucasfilm's latest Star Wars film, here are the 13 biggest reasons why: 

13Porgs Have Nothing To Do With The Story

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Porgs, the sea-bird creatures native to the planet of Ahch-To, have been the most divisive part of The Last Jedi since they were revealed at the film's first behind-the-scenes reel. Some love how cute they are, even inspiring some fan art and shirts right off the bat, while others think they're just some cheap marketing gimmick for the inevitable batch of merchandise. 

While some fans enjoyed their presence since they're funny and cute, they absolutely have nothing to do with the film's plot. Many would compare them to the Ewoks in The Return of the Jedi but at least the Ewoks actually got involved in the battle vs. The Empire. You can take out the Porgs and the film's story won't change but hey, at least they made Chewie's scenes more entertaining, especially the ones in the Millennium Falcon chase scene. 

12Wait, There's A Hidden Exit in The Resistance's Base in Crait After All?

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During The Last Jedi's climactic battle in Crait, the Resistance members are faced with a huge problem: How are they going to escape the First Order after being trapped in a base? As the First Order prepares to fire a powerful cannon at the base's giant reinforced door, they made it clear that there's apparently no way out of the base, no other exit but the front, through that same reinforced door that the First Order is about to destroy. 

 Then right after Luke shows up to stall the First Order, POOF! There's an exit after all! Crait's crystal foxes lead them to an exit blocked by boulders. And of course, Rey makes it on time to clear their path and escape.

Although it's considered minor compared to other problems ranked higher in this list, some critics pointed out this flaw in the final act, calling it a result of lazy writing. Well, at least those crystal foxes are not as useless as the Porgs. 

11No BB-8 vs. BB-9E Showdown in The Final Version

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BB-9E, the First Order's evil droid, showed up in a brief scene in The Last Jedi, but fans were expecting to see it have a showdown against BB-8. Sadly, BB-9E was only seen looking at BB-8's direction but they didn't actually face off. Maybe there's a deleted scene between the two droids. The clip revealed exclusively for Verizon's promo turned out to be just a promo spot, not an actual clip from the film, so that disappointed some fans a bit. BB-9E was pretty much The Last Jedi's equivalent to Captain Phasma in The Force Awakens. Overhyped prior to the film's release but so little screentime. Maybe it'll have a chance to shine in Episode IX, but for now, you can enjoy this Verizon spot: 

10Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren’s Weak Backstory

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In The Last Jedi, Luke keeps blaming himself for training Kylo Ren in the past. They have an ongoing he-started-it dispute about whose fault this is. Some fans and critics thought this part of the story was ridiculous. Seeing a flashback of Luke Skywalker trying to kill a relative just looks pathetic, it’s a shallow reason to exile himself rather than help the Resistance save the galaxy. The film didn't even reveal how Supreme Leader Snoke influenced Kylo Ren. What about the Knights of Ren? I thought we were going to see them in this sequel? Maybe Episode IX will show them but at this point, why should fans care? 

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