The 5 Best Avengers: Endgame Fan Theories

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By Jon Arvedon | More Articles
March 28, 2019  08:38 AM

We’re just one month away from Avengers: Endgame hitting the big screen, and nearly every fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has a theory surrounding the film. In some cases, it’s just minor plot points. In others, it’s about how Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are going to defeat the Mad Titan Thanos. And, in some cases, it’s simply about which heroes will make it out of the 22nd Marvel Studios film alive.

Naturally, some theories are more tantalizing than others, so we here at Epicstream have scoured the depths of the Internet to find what we feel are the most fascinating and the most probable. So, with that in mind, here are the five best Avengers: Endgame fan theories:

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