Star Wars Infographic Classifies Droids, Robots & Their Real-Life Counterparts

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
October 06, 2015  02:46 PM

Here's a fascinating infographic that classifies the various droids in the Star Wars universe. Each droid is classified based on what they are programmed to do. For instance, R2-D2 belongs in Class 2 because it's "programmed in engineering and other technical sciences" while C-3PO belongs in Class 3 because it's "programmed to interact with humans". The infographic also features the droids and robots that currently exist in our real world, and it reminds us of how technologically advanced our society is becoming. The borderline between science fiction and reality is fading, and I'm glad to learn about these droids, and how they are classified. I just wish the the Kurata and MegaBot's Mark II --two giant robots that's expected to duel next year- were included here. 

The infographic came from De Agostini, publishers of the official Star Wars Fact File, and was created by Matthew Brown. Check out the infographic below: 

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