Is Spider-Man: No Way Home Going to be on Disney Plus?

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June 15, 2021  05:00 PM

Spider-Man Far From Home was released in July 2019. At the end of the film, we saw Peter Parker being branded as a murderer for the death of Mysterio by none other than J Jonah Jameson, which was played by the legendary JK Simmons in Spider-Man 2002 with Tobey Maguire.  

Its sequel, Spider-Man: No Way Home isn’t scheduled to release in theatres until 17th December 2021! However, despite there being little confirmed information about the upcoming Spider-Man film, fans and insiders are already craving to watch it on their TV’s. So what is No Way Home likely to entail and where can we watch it?

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Why Spider-Man No Way Home isn’t on Disney Plus

Unlike Doctor Strange as well as other characters from Avengers, despite appearing in The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man isn’t actually owned by Disney, but Sony instead. This is the reason why you won’t currently be able to find any of the Spider-Man films on Disney plus at the moment.

However, because of the successful partnership with Disney and Sony, Disney did make the announcement that they will be showing films from Sony Studios on Disney Plus in the future. Although a date for this new distribution hasn’t yet been released, it is rumoured that it should be in time for No Way Home. So even though films from the Spider-Man franchise can’t currently be found on Disney Plus, there’s a good chance that in 2022 when Spider-Man is ready for DVD release, Disney plus users will have first access along with many other of Sony’s films. 

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In the meantime, you can still pop your feet up and enjoy any of the other films from The Marvel Cinematic Universe for that matter! 

What To Expect In Spider-Man: No Way Home

Marvel Studios haven’t technically leaked any spoilers, trailers or footage just yet, and nothing is truly confirmed by an official spokesperson for Marvel in regards to its plot. However, we do know that according to Marvel Studios Director Kevin Feige, that Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange 2 are somehow linked. And as actor Alfred Molina has already confirmed his return as Doctor Octopus from Spider-Man 2 in 2004, there are rumours that we’ll be seeing an upcoming Spider-Verse, including a rumoured cameo from Spider-Man actor Tobey Maguire, it’s believed that the Spider-Man sequel will be an integral film to the entire 4th phase of The Marvel Cinematic Universe.

So even though Spider-Man: No Way Home can’t currently be watched on Disney Plus, we’re sure it will be worth the wait!

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