Is Shadows House Good? Is It a Yuri or Horror Anime and Is It Worth Watching?

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June 03, 2021  02:56 PM
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Shadows House is one of the talked-about anime that was released in April 2021. Adapted by CloverWorks, Shadows House or Shado Hausu is a Japanese manga that was serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump. It centers on Emilico, a Living Doll who serves her mistress named Kate from the Shadow family.

A lot of anime fans have been intrigued by the show because of its mysterious vibe. The official poster itself gives a vibe that it is not everyone’s typical anime. The art stands out and the premise is weird yet fans could not help but be curious. Is it worth watching, though? Let’s find out!

Is Shadows House Good? Is It a Yuri or Horror Anime and Is It Worth Watching?

Is Shadows House Good? Is It a Yuri or Horror Anime and Is It Worth Watching 1

Anime fans who love Black Butler will certainly like Shadows House. Both tackle various issues like colonization and religion that will make fans stay for more. The anime also tackles dehumanization brought by industrialization.

Shadows House earned a good rank in terms of dark Victoriana manga which makes it a good horror anime. Although the characters are cute, they are shady too. The slow-burn horror story adds impact as well. On the other hand, it appears that the anime is not yuri. Yuri is a type of anime or manga that shows intense emotional connection, physical desire, or romantic love between women.

Although Emilico and Kate are both women and seem to have a good relationship, it does not seem that their care about each other would go further than that. But since both the manga and anime are still ongoing, we can’t really say for sure if there won’t be an instance or possibility that it would not happen.

Is it worth watching? Definitely yes. Shadows House is not just about a servant and a mistress. Emilico’s role is essential as she has to make sure that Kate is always in a good mood otherwise she will produce large amounts of soot. If the soot is not cleaned, it will turn into shadow bugs that will attack them.

What Emilico didn’t know is that she was actually a brainwashed child from a nearby village that was taken to become the vessel of her master, Kate. Will there be a season 2 of Shadows House? Read this to find out.

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