Is Morbius in The MCU?

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June 15, 2021  04:59 PM

With the upcoming releases of Morbius and Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage, fans are wondering if they will begin seeing more Spider-Man villains appearing in The MCU.

Before Marvel was bought by Disney in 2009. Marvel licenses the right of their characters to different studios. This included licensing Spider-Man and lots of the other characters found in the Spider-Man comics, such as Black cat, Venom and Morbius, etc, all to Sony Studios. 

morbius fighting spider-man

Therefore, apart from Spider-Man, all of these characters since 2009 have appeared in a separate universe to the established MCU. However, with different hints given out from directors and teaser trailers; It seems like something is coming that could drastically change this dynamic. 


Morbius and Spider-Man

During the Morbius trailer, we see Jared Leto’s character Morbius walk past a graffitied piece of artwork of Spider-Man that has the word “Murderer” written across from it. This is the first time that we’ve seen a hint of Spider-Man in the Sonyverse other than hints of The Daily Bugle Newspaper in the Venom 2 trailer.

The Spider-Man graffiti has given fans the impression that J Jonah Jameson’s special announcement in Far From Home that “Spider-Man murdered Mysterio” also exists in the universe. However, there does seem to be a twist about this particular piece of graffiti that is both confusing and exciting for Marvel fans. The version of Spider-Man that exists on the wall is actually of The Amazing Spider-Man played by Andrew Garfield as opposed to Tom Hollands' version.

morbius and the amazing spider-man

We also see Michael Keaton's version of The Vulture from Spider-Man: Homecoming appears at the end of the trailer. Because Vulture is from the MCU, does that automatically place Morbius in it as well?


Is There A Spider-Verse?

It is becoming the worst kept secret in Hollywood that the upcoming film Spider-man No Way Home does in fact feature the integration of a Spider-Verse/Multiverse. This was basically confirmed by actor Alfred Molina (Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man 2) when announcing that he would be appearing in the new Spider-Man film alongside hints from Marvel Studios Director Kevin Feige who said that there is a link between the new Spider-Man Film and Doctor Strange sequel - Doctor Strange 2: In The Multiverse of Madness.

spider-man in far from home

When we combine the fact that Sony and Disney have been partnering more since the integration of Sony’s Spider-Man into The MCU, it doesn’t seem like an impossibility that the future of Morbius could exist within the MCU. Although nothing has been confirmed.


Morbius Release Date and Plot

Morbius is due to release in theatres on Jan 9th, 2022 and we couldn’t be more excited. In the upcoming film Morbius, we see that Jared Leto has parked his version of Joker from The DCEU and has now taken on the role of Michael Morbius, a biochemist with a debilitating blood disease.

In an attempt to cure himself with the help of vampire bats, he ends up curing himself with considerable side effects including strength, healing abilities, echolocation, teleportation, and a thirst for blood. He becomes the well-known Marvel Vampire and enemy of Spider-Man - Morbius.

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