Is Kyoko Hori a Tsundere?

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September 02, 2021  10:44 AM

Kyoko Hoki is the protagonist of Horimiya along with Izumi Miyamura. She is a student at Katagiri Senior High School. For those who have not watched the series yet, Hori is a slim girl who is popular among her classmates because of her beauty and brains. What her classmates don’t know is that she looks a bit different at home and in school.

As a popular student, fans have been wondering if Kyoko Hori is a tsundere.  But before we answer that, let us first explain what a tsundere is. A tsundere is a character who originally has a cold personality and eventually became warm as the story progressed. With this in mind, is Kyoko Hori considered a tsundere?

Is Kyoko Hori a Tsundere?

Is Kyoko Hori a Tsundere? 1

Unfortunately to those who expected that she is, Kyoko Hori is not a tsundere. Since the beginning of the series, she has shown how energetic and warm she is towards her friends and family. Although she can be violent whenever she is embarrassed or nervous, this does not mean that she is a tsundere.

Kyoko showed how hard-working she is throughout the series. She works hard to ace her tests and extra-hard whenever she helps with the household chores. Since her parents are always busy, Kyoko took the role of her brother’s parent and took care of him on her own. This made her different from her usual image at school.

A part of her is also a sadist masochist as she enjoys whenever Miyamura tries to become an abusive boyfriend. She feels refreshed to see a different side of him so she usually requests him to flip his personality. Miyamura tries his best to make her happy despite being uncomfortable with being an abusive boyfriend.

As a girlfriend, Kyoko can be the jealous type. She used to be jealous whenever girls would talk to Miyamura, considering that everyone used to outcast him. She can turn into an Ice Queen and break pens whenever this happens. Eventually, she was able to overcome this and feared that Miyamura would fall for a man.

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