Fan Smashes His Fallout Vinyl Record Set to Bits on the Request of Bethesda

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By Brian McCormick | More Articles Comic book geek and Magic: the Gathering player
February 05, 2016  09:56 PM

"Well, my experience with Bethesda support has reached its pretty horrifying conclusion.", said Paul Watson after using a hammer to destroy his limited edition Fallout vinyl record set. 

It all started when Paul received his Fallout collectable vinyl disc set in the mail. After excitedly opening the package, he soon discovered one of the four discs was badly warped. He quickly reached out to Bethesda to get a replacement. Instead, they sent him a refund for one-quarter of the purchase price, leaving him with an effective 25% discount for a partial set.

Paul went on to send Bethesda the below message:

"Hi Benita,

Just in case we have crossed wires, the warped record is part of a single set of music from Fallout 3, not four individual records.

Without the first disc, the rest of the set is useless. It looks like you have refunded me the cost of 1/4th of the record, but since it's not possible to buy the disc separately, the entire record is unusable, as I can't listen to some of the music.

To use an analogy, it would be like receiving an action figure that was missing a head."

To which Bethesda replied: 

"Hello Paul,

You only showed that one of the records was damaged so we refunded you for that damaged record. If the other records are similarly affected, please provide photos. However if they are not affected and you still would like a full refund for the product, please follow the instructions below for this limited edition item.

1). Destroy the other records 
2). Provide photos of the damaged records.

Once I get those photos, I will happily refund you for your order

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Special Tactics and Reconnaissance"

Paul then proceeded to fulfill Bethesda's request and took a hammer to the three remaining discs:

 Photo Credit: Paul Watson

It doesn't look like Paul was very happy about his decision.

Photo Credit: Paul Watson

Paul hasn't said whether or not he received his remaining refund, but that picture confirms he won't be playing Fallout music anytime soon. 

It seems that Bethesda is trying to reduce potential fraud by not offering a full refund for partial set damage, although it's hard to imagine that there is a group of people trying to get rich off of selling an incomplete set of Fallout vinyl record discs. Better safe than sorry?

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