Artist Paints Naked Body with Amazing Superhero Costumes

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By Althea Serad | More Articles
February 24, 2016  03:51 PM

Cosplay and superheroes are two of the things that are fun to explore in the sci-fi/fantasy universe. But what if someone takes it up a notch and throws body paint into the mix? One woman actually made the attempt and the results are amazing.

That woman is Canadian artist Kay Pike. She took cosplay into a whole new level by using body paint on her naked body to turn into different superheroes.

Here she is without the paint:

And now check out some of her amazing work below:

It takes more or less 10 hours for Pike to complete each superhero costume. She has her own Twitch account which contains documentation of the entire process.

What really strikes me about Pike’s work is that they don’t actually look cosplay. When she’s finished it seems as if she’s been taken right out of the comics themselves!

I can’t wait to see what superheroes she’ll come up with next.

You can check out more of her awesome art on her Instagram account.

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