A Complete Guide to Canon Star Wars Books

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By Abigail Gruchacz | More Articles
March 17, 2017  10:22 AM

One of the most fun parts of the Star Wars franchise is the expanded universe novels and comics. While we love the big-budget extravaganzas that are the movies, the books can explore the galaxy far, far away in a unique way. They can establish new characters, introduce weird and exotic aliens and expand on tiny threads that the movies simply do not have the time to explore. The books don’t have to worry about budget since it doesn’t cost anything to write about epic space battles, weird aliens and strange planets which could cost millions of dollars to create on-screen. One of the saddest announcements to come out recently was the end of the old Expanded Universe. The Han Solo Trilogy, The Thrawn Saga, Mara Jade, the adventures of the next generation of Jedi were all kicked out of canon. This allowed the writers of the sequel trilogy to start creating on a blank canvas. And it opened up space for a new Expanded Universe saga of novels.

Here is a
 complete guide to canon Star Wars books:

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