9 Awesome Lord of the Rings Moments Left out of the Movies

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By Abigail Gruchacz | More Articles
February 23, 2017  12:35 PM
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The Lord of the Rings trilogy has over 450,000 words all put together. Peter Jackson had a daunting task adapting The Lord of the Rings into film. (And some would say even more daunting task expanding The Hobbit into a trilogy). He had to condense three books worth of characters, plot, magic and awesome moments into nine hours of entertainment. Many things we loved about the books made it in. But some moments were left out, and it’s not really surprising. Jackson had to choose which scenes to prioritize, what plot points needed expansion and which characters deserved the most screentime. He recut the fabric of the books to make something that better fit the medium of film. And so some things were left on the cutting room floor. But these moments in particular are painful losses. They show the depth of Tolkien’s characters and the liveliness of his world. Here are 9 Awesome Lord of the Rings Moments Left Out of the Movies:

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