7 Things We Need to See in Final Fantasy VII Remake 2

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
August 21, 2020  04:12 PM


Final Fantasy VII Remake ended up meeting our expectations and even exceeding some of them. While the game wasn’t a full remake, instead, being divided into multiple parts, fans still loved how the folks at Square Enix managed to expand on Midgar and make us care for the residents here. The ending left fans wanting more but also teased that this wouldn’t be the exact same story we’re used to, which makes the sequel even more tantalizing.

While Square Enix still hasn’t revealed the number of parts this remake will be having, they did confirm that work on Final Fantasy VII Remake 2 is underway. That doesn’t mean this sequel will be coming out anytime soon but we are hoping the team has a road map they’re following, now that they have a graphics engine to work with.

As we wait for the sequel to come out, here are 7 things we want to see from it.

1Vincent Valentine, Yuffie, and Cid

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Let’s get these fan-favorite characters out of the way. While we were onboard with FF7R, the fact that it wouldn’t have Vincent Valentine, Yuffie, and Cid did make certain parts of this fandom a bit sad. Square Enix will need to rectify that by introducing them here, while also giving them the stellar characterization that the default cast got.

Yuffie’s story can easily be integrated into the main narrative since they run into her in the world map, which is easy enough to write around. Cid was also part of the main story in the original game so keeping his part in the remake should be easy enough as well. Vincent was actually an optional character back in the day but since he’s quite popular, they should make him part of the main story as well. Now we’re interested in how these three will play.

2A Big World Map to Explore

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Final Fantasy VII Remake ended right after they exited Midgar so the sequel will realistically start with our cast of heroes chilling in the world map. Since FF7R was criticized for being a straightforward experience, rather than a proper JRPG, having the sequel open with a big world map is what Square Enix needs to do to show fans that this will be a completely different experience from the get-go.

The way FF7R was structured mostly worked, despite the criticism so we’re not saying Square Enix needs to completely ditch that gameplay method. They can use the world map as a way for players to decide which scenarios to go through first, maybe even letting them decide who to recruit first between Yuffie, Vincent, and Cid. It also gives players a way to grind for experience, especially with that ridiculous Hard Mode they introduced.

3Better Aerial Combat

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For how fun and addicting the combat system of FF7R ended up being, fighting flying enemies in the game was a drag. Barrett and Aerith made it bearable since their default attacks have long-range but Cloud and Tifa had to make do with lame jumping attacks that didn’t feel good to do if they didn’t have magic. This was easily the biggest flaw in the game’s combat and it needs a good fix.

One way to fix the aerial combat is to make the grappling hooks Cloud and his friends used several times in cutscenes an actual gameplay mechanic for combat. These grappling hooks can drag the flying enemies down so it’s easier to slash/punch them to death. They could take some hints from Kingdom Hearts by giving Cloud and Tifa multiple aerial hits that can be earned throughout the story but we like our grappling hook idea better.

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