3 Anime Like Demon Slayer You Should Start Watching

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June 01, 2021  03:55 PM

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba clearly made its way to the top in the anime world. The series captured the hearts of anime fans around the globe with its intriguing plotline, flawless animation, and entertaining characters. 

The top-notch visuals of the series make each fight scene unforgettable. There is a great balance of sword fights, funny scenes, and life lessons. There are so many reasons for anime fans to check out Demon Slayer. But for those who watched the series and loved it, here are 3 shows like Demon Slayer that are worth watching too.


Attack on Titan

3 Anime Like Demon Slayer You Should Start Watching 1

If Tanjiro and the gang are fighting against demons, Eren and the rest of the Attack on Titan characters are facing Titans, man-eating humanoids. Both series have the same issue wherein the protagonists, Eren and Tanjiro are out there to save humanity.

Attack on Titan is one of the popular titles nowadays with its dark-fantasy theme. What makes this series a bit different from Demon Slayer is that it tackles other issues like oppression, politics, and so on. The show is also popular for its character development, amazing story, and high-quality visuals. 



3 Anime Like Demon Slayer You Should Start Watching 2

If one of the factors that Demon Slayer is loved by fans is its demons, then Inuyasha is the best candidate for that. Although Inuyasha is an older series, it is a well-known fantasy manga and anime series. Both shows focus on the conflict between demons and humans although Inuyasha has a neutral presence. 

The quality of the anime might be a little different since it was released a few years back, but the story itself is perfect. The creator mixed horror, violence, comedy, and romance into a series that will keep fans asking for more. The battle scenes in Inuyasha are fast-paced and are all wonderfully crafted, like Demon Slayer’s. 



3 Anime Like Demon Slayer You Should Start Watching 3

Tanjiro is one of the best protagonists made with his kind personality. His perseverance is unlike any other. If fans are looking for this kind of protagonist then they should consider watching Naruto

The setting of Naruto and Demon Slayer might be different but their protagonists have the same characteristics. Naruto cares about his friends so much that he would chase his best friend for years just to get him back to their village. He doesn’t stop becoming better so he can protect the people he loves (similar to Tanjiro, right?). Both characters can be an inspiration for viewers to never give up on their goals.  

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