110 Board Wipes For Your Magic: The Gathering Commander & EDH Deck

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By Brian McCormick | More Articles Comic book geek and Magic: the Gathering player
August 27, 2020  01:19 PM
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Board wipes have been and will always be one of the best forms of card advantage in Magic: The Gathering. Almost every Commander deck runs some number of mass removal for creatures. The question is not whether to run board wipes, but which ones to run. There are hundreds of choices, some you may never have heard of, and some that have been staples for decades.

We’ve compiled an extensive list of 110 board wipes to consider for your Commander deck. In no particular order, here they are:

1Day of Judgment

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The most vanilla of mass removal. Wrath of God is certainly a step-up, but if you've got extra slots beyond that for mass removal, Judgment is a reasonable pick.

2Blasphemous Act

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In a stacked boardstate, Blasphemous Act is one of the most mana efficient removal spells in the game. One red mana to kill all creatures with toughness 13 or less. You can combine this with cards like Stormwild Capridor and Stuffy Doll for added effect.

3Austere Command

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Austere Command has been a staple in Commander for a good reason. It can destroy all creatures, or destroy most creatures on the battlefield while also wiping away powerful equipment, artifact spells, and enchantments. It's a 6 mana swiss army knife removal spell. While some players may prefer a card like Planar Cleansing that destroys everything, not just creatures, Austere is useful because you can pick and choose, thus saving your own powerful artifact or enchantment card that you want to continue using.


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One of the most powerful board wipes in Commander. You can combo it was indestructible cards or Planeswalkers. Once you wipe the board of everything (including lands), you'll be left with a powerful Planeswalker that can win you the game.

5Merciless Eviction

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Merciless Eviction is a powerful mass removal because it can hit any type of permanent and exile it. Indestructibility is a pretty common trick in Commander, so exiling is a good way to get around that.


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Languish gets around indestructibility and damage prevention, but at the cost only killing creatures with 4 toughness or less. A good consideration for a black deck.


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Putting creatures on the bottom of their owners' library is also a fantastic way to get around indestructibility. Paying 1 mana for the miracle cost is pretty efficient if you have ways to put it on the top of your library or scry it there.

8Wrath of God

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Wrath of God is the original boardwipe. It's what all boardwipes are compared against. Before indestructibility, regeneration was a popular mechanic. We don't see regeneration as much in Standard, but it is still a mechanic seen in Commander.


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For black, this is super mana efficient mass removal.

10Cyclonic Rift

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For blue, you don't get mass removal, but you do get bounce. For this list, we will look at mass "bounce effects" as a form of removal. Cyclonic Rift is the most widely known in Commander for good reason. Overloading it is incredibly powerful, since it leaves all your permanents in play.

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