10 Times the Women of the Last Jedi Ruled the Galaxy

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By Caitlin Donovan | More Articles
December 20, 2017  09:31 AM

It is without question The Last Jedi had more women in major roles than any Star Wars movie to date. Between Rey, Leia, Rose, Admiral Holdo, Paige and even a quick but important check-in from Maz, the major roles of the movie were actually fairly evenly split between men and women. This really SHOULDN’T be rare in sci-fi and fantasy cinema, but sadly, it still very much is. And it’s definitely a big step up for Star Wars.

These ladies were also downright indispensable to the narrative and kicked some serious ass. Women are the movers and shakers of the resistance in this movie and it’s clear the galaxy woild be lost without them. (Sadly though, on the villain's side. Captain Phasma was given the short stick and utterly wasted. You can't win them all.) So let’s take a look at the women of The Last Jedi and all their amazing accomplishments. 

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