10 Things Wrong with Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

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By Abigail Gruchacz | More Articles
March 15, 2017  11:27 AM

John Tiffany and Jack Thorne had a tricky task when writing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Rather than creating their own world, they had convey a world someone else made. Granted, they had J.K. Rowling’s help but still. They had to adopt her voice and style and ensure every single detail was down perfectly. Many critics think they succeeded. The play has been nominated for a record number of Olliver Awards including Best New Play. We wish it the best when it comes time for the winners to be announced! But despite the acclaim, the play is not perfect. Some characterization is off, the tone doesn’t feel quite right in places and even the genre isn’t what we expect from Harry Potter. The play could have been even better if these flaws had been smoothed out. Here are 10 Things Wrong with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child:

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