10 Star Wars Comic Book Stories Every Star Wars Fan Should Read

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By Abigail Gruchacz | More Articles
April 21, 2017  11:06 AM

One of the best aspects of the Star Wars expanded canon is the comics. They’ve been opportunities to develop minor characters, fill in the gaps between movies and create new worlds for the characters to explore. Marvel was the first company to have the official license for Star Wars comics. They began releasing the comics in 1977, the year the first movie came out. Initially they just adapted the film, but soon began to branch out into their own stories. The comics sold like gangbusters, saving Marvel from financial ruin. But Marvel decided to drop the license when writer Archie Goodwin left the company on 1991. Dark Horse then picked up the license and became the main publisher of Star Wars comics until 2014. Then Disney bought Lucasfilm. Naturally, they wanted Marvel to produce the new Star Wars comics since they also owned Marvel. With the casting off of the old Expanded Universe, the writers and artists at Marvel had free reign to create new stories for the new Star Wars canon. With forty years of comics history, it was hard to pick ten comics to spotlight. So we chose the comics that would best enhance your understanding of canon and characters.

Here are 10 Star Wars Comic Book Stories Every Star Wars Fan Should Read:

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