10 Spooky Anime Perfect for Halloween

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By Caitlin Donovan | More Articles
October 12, 2016  05:26 PM

It’s that time of year again, where black magic is in the air and ghoulies and ghosties are coming out to play. A lot of us get excited for the spooky holiday by watching things that get us in the Halloween spirit. And when it comes to anime, there’s a lot of shows to bring you bone-chilling terror and supernatural madness. Monsters, blood and gore, ghosts, or psychological horror- there’s an anime for every Halloween mood. So let’s buckle up for some anime to watch on All Hallow’s Eve! Do you have any suggestions to add to the list?

1Naoki Urasawa's 'Monster'

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When it comes to psychological horror, Monster is often the first anime that comes to mind. It doesn’t feature anything supernatural- the titular “monster” is all too human, but that may be the most terrifying thing of all. An up-and-coming young brain surgeon by Kenzo Tenma makes the choice to save the life of a child before saving the life of the mayor, despite suspecting it will affect his social standing. The child lives and the mayor dies…and years later, Tenma discovers this child has become a killer so horrifying those around him refer to him as a “monster”. Tenma is drawn into a chilling cat-and-mouse game and forced to confront some thorny moral issues.

Monster is a sprawling series at 74 episodes, but its well worth a look for anyone who enjoys tense thrillers and the haunting atmosphere of the anime is perfect for Halloween.


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For many, there’s nothing more terrifying than body horror. Losing control of your own body, watching it be invaded and transformed into something grotesque- it’s an idea that makes your skin crawl (but hopefully not literally).

Parasyte is all body horror all the time. The anime tells of a world where parasite-like aliens invade, crawling through human’s ears and taking over their brains But one parasite fails, and burrows into the right arm of its host, a young man named Shinichi Izumi, instead. Since the parasite never reaches Shinichi’s brain, they are now two fully conscious beings sharing the same body.

Parasyte doesn’t stop at body horror though, it also features cannibalistic serial killers and lots of tense fights.

The original Parasyte manga was published in 1989, but a modern anime adaptation titled Parasyte –the maxim- came out in 2014. The series spans 24 episodes.

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