10 Reasons Why the Book Is Always Better Than the Movie

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By Abigail Gruchacz | More Articles
April 25, 2017  12:30 PM

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The old saying goes, “the book is always better than the movie.” But why is that the case? Sometimes the movie is just bad like in the case of A Wizard of Earthsea adaptations. But sometimes the movies are just fine, but the books still manage to be better, like in the case of the Harry Potter series. The movies can even be considered great, like The Princess Bride, and yet the book version of the story still outshines the silver screen version. Of course, there are exceptions. The Godfather movie is widely considered to be better than the book since it sticks to the story of the Corleones and doesn’t go off on side tangents like the book does. But these exceptions are so rare they prove the rule! We’re going to explore why books are considered better entertainment than the movies. The reasons range from whitewashing to time constraints to the pleasure in the physical act of reading.

Here are 10 Reasons the book is always better than the movie:

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