10 Books Every Dungeon Master Needs to Read

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By Abigail Gruchacz | More Articles
March 12, 2017  02:07 PM
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At the heart of Dungeon Mastering is storytelling. You’re sitting at the head of a table, describing a made up scenario to a group of people. Then letting the dice and player choice decide what happens next. And in order to become a good storyteller, you need to read lots of stories! Reading gives you the tools you need to tell stories. Of course, you could read whatever you want. It probably won’t hurt your Dungeon Mastering skills. But the world of fantasy and science fiction is so wide, it’ll be a great place to look for inspiration. We’ve put this list together to be a starting place, and don’t stop your reading with this list. We couldn’t possibly cover everything and hope you continue to read. The list ranges from books that influenced Gary Gygax to informative nonfiction to newer books that look at fantasy from a different perspective. Here are Ten Book Every Dungeon Master Needs to Read:

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