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Paul Goodman

is a video editor, writer and video/tabletop game guy living in NC.


  • 17 Badass Swords in Sci-Fi and Fantasy
    While laser pistols and magic spells are all the rage in many books, games and movies, one can't deny that swords, from simple steel to high tech contained plasma, can be really cool to see in action, no matter the setting. So here's a list of some of our favorite swords from all of science fiction and fantasy!
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    2001 days ago By Paul Goodman By Paul Goodman - 2001 days ago
  • 16 Horror Comedies You Shouldn't Be Scared to See
    When you think of movie genres that go well together, you wouldn't neccessarily think that horror and humor would be two that mesh well. After all, one is all about freaking you out, and the other is meant to just be plain funny. But there have been many monster movies and slasher flicks that have somehow managed to be full of laughs as they are full of scares.  So for all you horror buffs out there, here's a list of some of the best horror/comedies ever to grace the silver screen. Check it out!
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    2009 days ago By Paul Goodman By Paul Goodman - 2009 days ago
  • 15 Sci-Fi Books You Should Definitely Read
    Science fiction is a vast, expansive genre with many, many great stories from giant robots to alien invasions to exploring distant stars. And while we've all probably seen a few episodes of Star Trek, there's a mulitude of fantastic written works in the genre that chances are you've missed out on.  So here's a short list of some fantastic science fiction books you should definitely add to your collection of Star Wars DVDs or at least check out from your local library!
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    2022 days ago By Paul Goodman By Paul Goodman - 2022 days ago
  • 16 Games That Deserve a Remastered Edition
    Just like movies, video games aren't immune from getting a special edition remake or reboot to bring them to audiences that may have missed them the first time around. But forevery Homeworld: Remastered and Master Chief Collection, there's dozens of games that could definitely use a some love and a graphical upgrade. Many of them are underrrated titles or older classics that are still great to play, but hard to do so without needing an older console. Here's a list of some great games that we would love to see get modern day overhaul for our favorite platform!
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    2033 days ago By Paul Goodman By Paul Goodman - 2033 days ago
  • 17 Of the Coolest Gadgets and Gizmos in Sci-Fi
    From laser swords to powered suits to x-ray goggles, science fiction is loaded up with all kinds of neat technologies. Here's a few of the coolest and neatest of all the wierd gizmos and gadgets from popular sci-fi!
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    2046 days ago By Paul Goodman By Paul Goodman - 2046 days ago
  • 12 of the Silliest Aliens from Sci-Fi
    Most science fiction features aliens of some kind; whether they be benevolent visitors or rampaging monsters, there's tons of cool species out there. But for every Xenomorph or Vulcan, there's occasionally some really silly aliens as well. Here's a few!
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    2053 days ago By Paul Goodman By Paul Goodman - 2053 days ago
  • 17 of the Silliest Monsters in Fantasy
    When we think of fantasy creatures, we usually think of dragons, orcs, skeletons, and occasionally unicorns. But those are just the tip of the iceberg of what the strange and wild beastiary that makes up the whole spectrum of fantastical beasts from our favorite fantasy books and games.  Unfortunately, while there have been many creative and unique monsters and beasts dreamed up over the years, there have also been a couple of creatures that are less cool or exciting, and more awkward and silly. Here's a few of fantasy's weirdest monsters!
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    2059 days ago By Paul Goodman By Paul Goodman - 2059 days ago
  • 11 Highs And Lows of E3 2015
    This year's annual Electronic Entertainment Expo has once again came and went, and itt was definitely a hectic event. There were tons of new announcements, updates and previews of all manner of games and upcoming events, but there were also a few bummers along the way. If you didn't have a chance to catch all of E3, here's a few high points (and lows) that you should check out! (Cover Image)
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    2072 days ago By Paul Goodman By Paul Goodman - 2072 days ago
  • 13 Games Banned for Weird (And Not So Weird) Reasons
    It's not that big of a secret that some video games can be a little controversial. Whether it contains violence, mature subject matter or even cute animals, games have been blamed as the cause of some social issue or crime. But while in the US there hasn’t been any real big pushes to outright ban a particular game, other countries are much less tolerant of what’s allowed in the digital playground. Here's a list of 13 games that have been banned in various parts of the world, either for reasons that make some sense - and other that just don't.
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    2076 days ago By Paul Goodman By Paul Goodman - 2076 days ago
  • 11 Games that Make (or Break) Friendships
    Sometimes, there's nothing more fun than spending an evening inside with some good friends, good food and a fun tabletop game to spend a few hours playing with. There are some great games that foster teamwork and collaboration, but then there are others that are much better at destroying relationships than they are building them; where only the most ruthless amongst your social circle will emerge victorious over the broken dreams of others. Want to know which ones are which? Here's a couple of suggestions!   (Cover Image)
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    2085 days ago By Paul Goodman By Paul Goodman - 2085 days ago