10 Jun 2016 2:14 PM +00:00 UTC

Zootopia Gets Honest Trailer That Hilariously Points Out Its Stereotypes

Just about every movie that we’ve ever loved has gotten Screen Junkies Honest Trailer treatment, which pokes fun at things that we adore about these films. This time, Screen Junkies is giving the massive success that is Zootopia.

The genius team behind Honest Trailers uploaded the latest furry trope on their official YouTube page, which is undeniably real and hilarious, as expected.

Check it out:



It’s undeniable that the characters in the animated movie from Pixney/Disnar are lovable in each of their own ways, but trust Screen Junkies to point out the not so obvious such as the these animals’ buttholes, which they point out is the reason why Nick and Judy can’t consummate. I must admit I didn’t think anything of those buttholes, but how do they go the bathroom, that is if they need any?

The way that character’s names are also noted in the honest trailer, which they describe as lazy, but I think is rather forgivable considering Disney Pixar’s ability making their characters as complex as possible given the movie’s setting.

It’s also worth mentioning how Screen Junkies pointed out how the animals do what we expect them to despite the movie’s message of an ideal unprejudiced society, such as Nick, a Fox, being a con artist, and the sloths being extremely slow in the office.

In any case, all of these Honest Trailers are all in fun, and I’ve no doubt people would want to see a sequel. The movie’s directors have even discussed that possibilityin a recent interview.

Zootopia is now on Blu-Ray.

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