Zootopia Easter Egg Found In Big Hero 6

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Any hardcore Disney fans know that the movies are always chockfull of Easter Eggs from other movies or behind-the-scenes nods. Three years after its release, it was revealed that there was actually a Zootopia Easter Egg in Big Hero 6.

Image Source: Oh My Disney/Scott Watanabe

Oh My Disney had spotted that Honey Lemon's phone case in the movie is a fox wearing a tie, looking very similar to one of Zootopia's protagonists, Nick Wilde. Though some may say that this could just be any fox, Big Hero 6 art director Scott Watanabe has confirmed that it was indeed a nod to Nick. He says:

"Early on, Honey Lemon's phone case was designed to look like a bear, to conjure up a "honey" connection, but we came across a few similar designs in our research. I began to think of other animals and Nick Wilde, the fox from Zootopia (which was in production at the time), came to mind. Thought it might be a fun Easter egg for fans to look out for in the film."

It's interesting that an Easter Egg from Zootopia found its way to Big Hero 6 since the movie came out two years after BH6's release. Just goes to show how much time it really takes to bring audiences two hours of animated movie goodness.

The next movie from Walt Disney Animation Studios will be an adaptation of the Jack and the Giant Beanstalk fairytale called Gigantic, and it's set to come out on Nov. 21, 2018.

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