07 Aug 2017 10:04 PM +00:00 UTC

Zapdos Makes Its Way To Pokemon Go Today

Niantic has a new Legendary Bird flying around in Legendary Raids in Pokemon Go.

The game developer added Zapdos to the augmented reality gaming app at 5 PM ET today, replacing Moltres from the game's Legendary Raids. Zapdos is going to made available to Pokemon Go gamers till August 14 next week, so those who're looking to add the electrical legendary bird to their roster better hurry.

While Moltres popped up at one location outside of The Pokemon Company headquarters during its release, Zapdos has started appearing in places around the world. Surprisingly, while Zapdos has officially been released, Niantic has allowed Moltres to remain active as a Raid Boss, however gamers aren't certain whether the company's just winding down some time with Moltres or whether new Moltres Raids are actually beginning along with the Zapdos raids.

Gamers are definitely in for a challenge now that Zapdos has been added to the Legendary Raids in Pokemon Go. Unlike Moltres, Zapdos has fewer weaknesses and gamers are advised to bring a lot of high-level Rock Type Pokemon and Ice-Type Pokemon to serve as a secondary line during the Raid. Golem still remains as one of the most effective counters in the fight, so remember to bring the Rock/Ground Type Pokemon along when you fight against Zapdos.

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