Zack Snyder Shares Another BTS Photo Of Henry Cavill From Man of Steel

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Sure Henry Cavill's Superman hasn't been in any of the trailers for Justice League ever since his untimely self-sacrificing death in Batman vs. Superman however it like director Zack Snyder has been busy trying to tease The Last Son of Krypton's return to the big screen in the upcoming DCEU team-up film.

Though there hasn't been a lot of promotional material going around featuring Supes just yet, Snyder's been sharing a few behind-the-scenes photo of Cavil online. First ,there was a picture of Cavill in the classic Superman Costume of Christopher Reeves which Snyder poster earlier this month.


Now Snyder is sharing another Man of Steel behind-the-scenes photo of Cavill, this time dressed as pre-Superman Clark Kent in his crab boat attire from the first act of the movie.

Check it out down here:

While the photos don't really tell much about Superman's return, it does tease his appearance in Justice League, calming fans who have been worrying for the character because of his absence from promotional material for the film. Though it's probably impossible to put Superman under the ground for long, it's easy for fans to worry.


Arriving Nov. 17 many are hoping for the Man of Steel to soar right smack in the middle of Justice League with his co-stars Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller, Ray Fisher, Amy Adams, and Willem Dafoe.

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