18 Mar 2018 6:18 PM +00:00 UTC

Zack Snyder Reveals Justice League 2 Easter Egg in Batman v Superman

Though Batman v Superman was considered a critical mess by some, there's no doubt that the movie is rich with metaphors and allegories. People are still finding new things about the film two years later, and director Zack Snyder just confirmed a neat Easter egg.

A fan just pointed out that this scene, where Superman was supposed to mimic the death of Christ, also had two crosses in the background, further adding visual allegory to the scene. Snyder then came out to reveal that this was actually a reference for Justice League 2 and that the plans were most likely cancelled by now.

Source: Batman-News


Before Batman v Superman came out, WB was confident with having Zack Snyder direct the next two Justice League movies, but after a sour reception (and the death of Snyder's daughter), it seems that plans for the second Justice League were scrapped.

What could the Easter egg mean? Best guess is that another member of the League will die—most likely Batman. With this universe's Bruce Wayne already old and grizzled, it's likely that Snyder was planning his exit sooner than we thought. Heck, even now Ben Affleck's status as Batman remains unclear.

We may not know when Justice League 2 arrives, but hopefully the whole gang will be ready for another team-up a few years down the line.

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