26 Nov 2017 1:02 PM +00:00 UTC

Zack Snyder Likes The Fact That Fans Are Petitioning For His Director's Cut

After the release of Justice League was once more met with divisive reviews, a lot of fans are now clamoring for the WB to give them Zack Snyder's cut complete with music from composer Junkie XL. The petition had already amassed more than 100,000 signatures, and Snyder has apparently showed his support for the movement.

Check it:

Snyder will not be the first of the JL crew to show support for the release of his cut. Stuntman Richard Cetrone had already shown his support online, as well as the movie's cinematographer Fabian Wagner. We don't know what this means, but hopefully the petition will lead to something good.


Some have argued that it's impossible for the movie to have Snyder's cut in full since he had to depart from the project last March due to a family tragedy. Others, on the other hand, say that there is a lot of unused footage and scenes that were cut from the film, and they could all definitely use them for an "Ultimate Cut" of Justice League.

With Justice League still in theaters, it will be months before we get any official hints that DC will release Snyder's version of the movie, but hopefully it will be something that will redeem the (yet again) divisive film.

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