X-Men: Dark Phoenix Set Photo Features Danger Room

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It looks like the X-Men are in for some hard core training in X-Men: Dark Phoenix. With the film currently in production, it seems like the first set photo has made its way online, featuring the gray walls of the Xavier School For Gifted Children's Danger Room.

Featured in many of the older X-Men movies, the Danger Room is an X-Men training facility especially built for Xavier's team of mutants and the most recent movie, X-Men: Apocolypse, actually teased the appearance of the room. The training area was featured in the final scene in the film, showing off the X-Men with costumes that remind fans of the designs used in the 1990 X-Men comics. In the scene, the team walks into the Danger Room which just generated a few Sentinels right before the film cuts to end.

Check out the Danger Room on set of Dark Phoenix down here:

With the photo coming early out of production, one can't help but wonder whether Dark Phoenix would follow straight up after Apocalypse. Fox is betting a lot of Dark Phoenix – the franchise hasn't been doing so well, and with Fox doing better with R-rated films like Deadpool and Logan, the ­X-Men films certainly have to step up their game.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix hits cinemas on November 2, 2018.

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