X-Men: Apocalypse - New Photos and Details on Magneto and Psylocke

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Two new photos of Michael Fassbender's Magneto and Olivia Munn's Psyloche from X-Men: Apocalypse have hit the webs, along with some additional details about the characters.

In the film, the villainous Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac) will recruit both characters to help him accomplish his sinister plans.

Speaking to IGN about her character, Munn said:

"[Apocalypse] first meets her and she's a bodyguard [for the mutant Caliban] and she's got this amazing skill and she has zero fear when she goes up against him, so he needs her. What he sees in her is that she is someone who can protect and has no fear and is an amazing fighter, has these amazing abilities. So with her, she's just a very powerful weapon for him. That's the role that Psylocke plays in the Horsemen."

She also talked about the possibility of Psylocke getting her own spinoff film:

"I think if Psylocke had a chance to tell her story, it would be great to start with the genesis and having an understanding, maybe right as she's getting out of university and we jump in right before all of her family is taken out, and we have an understanding of what she had to lose, and then her figuring out her powers and how powerful she is. I think that that's something that I always loved about her. She came from a good family and lost everything. I would like to tell that story."

In a separate interview with JoBlo, Munn went on to describe her character:

"She's methodical and very loyal and she's very calm and she's fearless. Her aggression is below the surface, but it's like, it's bubbling ... It's right there at any moment to access. She's a very calm, easygoing, kind of person within this world of insanity, but she's so powerful and strong. That feeling of whendid anything where you're learning a skill. Once you learn it, you feel really powerful. She's very comfortable in her skin."

In the same interview, Fassbender talked about his character:

"I start off in Poland. Erik is basically living a normal life, has a family, has fallen in love, and has basically disappeared for the last eight years or so. He doesn't use his powers, has left that life behind and lives a sort of simple life."

He described why Magneto joins Apocalypse:

"He [Apocalypse] arrives and it's like, 'Okay well something much more powerful than me has arrived,' in a way kind of like a god; he's the original mutant. And...Magneto doesn't really follow anyone, so it was kind of a hard thing like, well how does he just become one of Apocalypse's Horsemen, and is he cool with that? But he appreciates that this guy is going to do what he couldn't do. He's got just so much more power than him, he's such an immense force. In a way, it's like that classic thing of joining any cult or radical group, he's caught him at a very low, vulnerable point where he doesn't really care anymore whether he dies or not or what happens, so he's like, ‘Yeah I'll join this guy. I'll go on this path of judgment.' Apocalypse is sort of bringing judgment to the Earth."

These details really tell us that Magneto and Psylocke are complex characters that we'll probably see change throughout the story.

X-Men: Apocalypse will be released in theaters on May 27, 2016 .