12 Aug 2016 11:59 AM +00:00 UTC

World War Z Sequel May See Brad Pitt-David Fincher Team-up

If things go Brad Pitt's way, fans may see a reunion of the actor and director David Fincher in the World War Z sequel.

While nothing has been confirmed as of writing, sources have reached out to Variety and said that Pitt is already in talks with Fincher for the sequel. Pitt will be the star and producer for the sequel, but World War Z 2 has already lost J.A. Bayona to Jurassic World.

Skydance and Paramount Pictures offered no confirmations or denials about the rumor.


I'm a big fan of Fight Club, because I feel that it's one of the old movies that got a novel adaptation on the nose—or even better. And that's saying something, since I consider Chuck Palahniuk's novel to be one of, if not the, best around.

Fincher's other movies with Pitt have also been good or interesting. Se7en's twist is something I can still keep re-watching. The rave reviews for Fincher's Gone Girl haven't been baseless either.

Hopefully this little reunion will actually materialize—and perhaps ease up Fincher's wariness and weariness for sequels.

The World War Z sequel is set to start filming in 2017. There has been no update on the expected theatrical release for the movie.

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