World of Warcraft Legion Players Find a Hidden Boss Kosumoth

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World of Warcraft: Legion had promised a lot of content and exploration as the sixth expansion of the game.

However, players were treated to a bigger landscape and more secrets with the game. A group had detailed over Reddit their travails to not only find some more hidden areas in the expansion but also to uncover a hidden boss.

The hidden World Boss named Kosumoth had been found by accident, of all things. The group had been looking for the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph, which was expected to debut in the game via the expansion.


Posted by Redditor drfievel, the journey started when the group had noticed the extremely hidden caves all over Broken Shores. The hidden caves, which reportedly had three layers of secretive guise, had contained dark orbs. Think of it as a hidden cave within a hidden cave, before the players had stumbled upon the orb.

From there, players noticed that Drak'thul had one of the orbs next to It, and when a player does an easter egg, it will make the hidden orbs clickable. These hidden orbs are known as the Hungering Orbs.

By Drak'thul is a table with pebble and orb, which turned out to be a makeshift map of the Broken Islands. The pebbles were markers for different areas where to find the orbs.

"Through trial and error we discovered that the orbs had to be clicked in a very certain order. We collectively as a group went over them and eventually hitting the last one spawned Kosumoth."

According to the players who discovered the secret, there are also new zones in Legion where the orbs are located. Groups will need as many players as possible, since the orbs need to be clicked on in a specific order. Plus, traveling to the Broken Isles, as well as summoning and defeating the hidden World Boss will involve some sort of team work to pull through.

World of Warcraft: Legion is already out on Windows and Mac. There's also a recently released companion app worth checking out.

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