01 Dec 2015 9:30 PM +00:00 UTC

World of Warcraft is Going to Look Much Better in the New Expansion

World of Warcraft's upcoming expansion, Legion, will bring about some things you would expect from a big MMORPG update: new quests, areas, items, etc. However, Legion will also bring a sizable visual update to the game. Specifically, draw distances in zones will be increased, letting players see farther than they could before. Reddit user Kastel197 has posted pictures that compare the draw distances between the current live version of World of Warcraft and the upcoming Legion expansion. And the newly enhanced visuals look fantastic!

Even though the Legion visual update will mainly consists of draw distance increases, the changes go a long way towards increasing the sense of immersion in different game areas. Since World of Warcraft is over a decade old, it simply can't compete with modern MMOs in terms of visuals. Still, it's a nice treat for loyal WoW players when Blizzard does what they can to improve the game's aesthetic.