05 Jun 2017 11:41 AM +00:00 UTC

Wonder Woman’s Hippolyta Gives Her Ideas About Possible Reunion With Diana

When Diana left her home of Themyscira, her mother Hippolyta had noted that it was her greatest sorrow to see her greatest joy leave. But that was the end of her role--at least in this movie.

However, fans will know that she will be back for another run, as seen in the trailer for Justice League. But how she gets to the point of joining a fight when she was vehement in maintaining their distance from the world of men wasn't touched on in Wonder Woman.

While there are now hints that Wonder Woman's sequel, once it gets confirmed, may get set in modern-day America following the timeline of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the question of what will happen to the Amazonian Queen and her crew isn't yet known. Connie Nielsen, the actress for the role of Diana's mother, offered her two cents to Comicbook.com as to how her reunion with her daughter could possibly go.

"After I get done hugging her forever, I think that you know she's going to probably tell us to stop hiding, and stop being afraid of the world, that there is a world that changed out there."

This seems like a very standard approach, given how Diana seemed to change her mind about hiding and joining the fight in BvS. but the bigger question for me is how she will be able to go back to Themyscira in the first place when she chose to stay on Earth after the movie.

Personally, I would want a bigger role for the Amazons, especially in Justice League. It would be nice to have them bring about another change in Diana, perhaps one that would bring her back to the fiery girl who wanted justice before seeing the darkness on Earth.

Wonder Woman is currently showing and breaking records in cinemas everywhere.

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