Wonder Woman’s Chief Confirms Another Possible DCEU Demi-God

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Wonder Woman has been praised, for the most part, for its winning portrayal of a strong female superhero. But apart from Chris Pine's Steve Trevor and the winning sidekick formula that he seems to have won, not a lot has been said about the side characters in Wonder Woman.

Until now, that is. In fact, one of the characters that were shown to be of help to Diana and Steve during their planned attack on the enemy is the Chief. Recently, actor Eugene Brave Rock answered a fan query that confirmed the character's identity in the movie, seen below:


After reading the reply, a lot of the fans have expressed their interest in seeing the character within the DCEU. His story would actually be a nice one to explore, considering the tweet's allusion to his being a demi-god.

Fans already had a slight idea of this possibility, after the Chief introduced himself as Napi in the movie. While no confirmation was made during the movie, there are already theories surrounding the fact that he could be the god of Native American mythology.

Whether or not this little (now outed) secret will play a big role in Wonder Woman remains to be seen. Wonder Woman already has a sequel planned, but the storyline hasn't been polished yet. perhaps we can see another demi-god, starting with him? Of course, Wonder Woman's sequel will probably be in the modern times already, but this could still pave the way for more gods to be introduced into the DCEU.

Wonder Woman is still in theaters, but we can look forward to the next DC movie, Justice League, slated for theaters on Nov. 16.

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