Wonder Woman Faces Off Against A Nemesis in Injustice 2 Trailer

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The villains keep on piling with every introduction and trailer for Injustice 2. For the newest glimpse, we finally get a close-up look of Wonder Woman's enemy, Cheetah.

She's ready to get started on slashing at her enemies, with our first official glimpse of her fight ceremoniously going up against Wonder Woman.

"I long for Amazon blood."
"It won't be easily obtained."

After the exchange, we see Cheetah's very adept and quick moves overpowering Wonder Woman a great deal. She also squares off against Deadshot and Damian Wayn, and damn if she can take on the big boys (and big girl) just as easily.

Her finishing move delivers a combo of kicks and numerous slashes in mid-air with a back-breaking kick that could rival Bane's number on Batman in that epic scene. Cheetah embodies her spirit animal—so much, and that finishing pose is just awesome as it is fierce.

The sparkles at the end are a little distracting though. It makes her move funnily glamor-like, though perhaps that's the effect the developer was going for. She does make an interesting addition, because Cheetah's strength lies in her agility and speed, abilities that NetherRealm Studios is bent on showcasing for the game.

Injustice 2 will be out on the PS4 and Xbox One on May 16.

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